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      Revenues LTM
      €539,7 mil.
      Employees FTE
      Homes passed
      1.79 mil.
      3.62 mil.
      Countries - markets
      (+ OTT world wide)
      (+ 4mil. ex-YU expatriates)
      20 mil.

      as of March 31, 2018
    • United Group is the largest alternative telecom provider in the region that operates in two main business segments: telecommunication platforms and media (content and advertising). It has the broadest network coverage in the region and provides services of the highest quality.

      The United Group originates back to 2007, when it was formed through the combination of SBB and Telemach Slovenia, as well as Telemach Bosnia which was acquired shortly after. In 2014, Telemach Montenegro became part of United Group. Telemach acquired Tušmobil on 1st April 2015. This being a cable acquisition of mobile network makes it unique case in the region, and a first step of United Group into providing all telecommunication services in one household. In July 2015, we completed the acquisition of a majority interest in BHB Cable TV d.o.o., a cable pay-TV operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and five relatively small cable TV operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have strengthened our position in Montenegro by acquiring M-kabl, a cable TV operator in July 2016. In April 2017 we have acquired Ikom, a Serbian cable TV operator.

      Today, United Group is the largest alternative Pay TV platform in the region of Former Yugoslavia, providing television, Internet, fixed and mobile telephony to a large number of households and offices in the region through its cable, DTH and OTT platforms. In our key markets, the group companies also offer data and voice services, as well as certified managed services to small, medium and large companies.

      In 2013, the group started its worldwide OTT platform, NetTV Plus, through which it provides PayTV and fixed telephony services to the former Yugoslav diaspora.

      As the group’s distribution platforms developed extensively throughout the region, the next logical step was entering the content and advertising sales business, today represented by United Media. United Media is a combination of top Pay TV channels in the region (sports, news, entertainment, movies, kids) and CAS Media providing clients with targeted media buying on most of the regional cable channels.

      Since March 2014 United Group is majority-owned by KKR, a leading global investment firm with headquarters in New York, and US 148.5 billion in assets under management. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is a co-investor in the company.